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The events on Wall St. are having real consequences for those of us on Main St.


The Credit Crunch:  Solutions for Small Businesses

Regardless of what happens or doesn't happen in Washington, banks around the country are going to Retreat, Retrench, and Re-evaluate their business and your business. 

Lines of credit are disappearing and there is a good chance they won't be coming back any time soon for the small business person looking to make payroll come Friday.  Your clients that used to pay early to take advantage of your discount are now waiting the full 30 days or more to pay.  What can you do?

Invoice Financing has been around for years and is more important now than ever.  You can't pay your employees, you can't pay your mortgage and rent and bills and you can't feed your children with a handful of invoices.  You need a way to turn your invoices into cash, and you can't wait.  Give us your invoices and get paid for them as soon as tomorrow. 
It is as simple as that and it all starts with one phone call. 

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Invoice Financing Basics

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