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  • down payments are typically required.
  • loan finances the remaining amount
  • typically requires both a down payment and loan payment in the first payment period.
  • borrower pledges other assets for collateral.
  • claim a tax deduction for a portion of the loan payment as interest and for depreciation.
  • depreciation expense tied to fixed IRS schedules often not tied to the realistic useful life of the asset.
  • owned equipment appears as an asset with a corresponding liability on the balance sheet.
  • user takes on all risk of equipment devaluation due to technological obsolescence.
  • no down payment required -just the first and last payment to start.
  • finance the value of goods expected to be depleted during the lease period.
  • typically financial commitment is tied only to the lease payment obligation.
  • the equipment itself can prove to be sufficient to secure a lease.
  • claim entire lease payment as a tax deduction.
  • equipment write off is tied to a lease term, which is typically shorter than IRS depreciation; schedules (results in larger tax deductions).
  • deduction is taken during the same year. Simplified budgeting and financial reporting.
  • lease payments are expensed when the lease is an operating lease.
  • assets do not appear on the balance sheet .


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