Equipment Leasing F.A.Q.
Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Equipment Lease financing. Browse the questions here or feel free to give us a call. We'll be more than happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. Call today..... 352-708-5290

What is a Lease?
A contract by which the customer (lessee) pays a rental payment to Top Group Capital (Lessor) for the use of the equipment over a fixed term.

Who Can Lease?
Any business that uses any kind equipment in the course of carrying on their business... the large industrial corporations, service businesses, governmental agencies, hospitals, commercial and wholesalers.

What Can Be Leased?
All capital equipment, including design and installation fees, and delivery costs. This year over $200 Billion of equipment will be leased.

How Much Can be Leased?
From $2,000 to $20,000,000 and above.

How long does the lease run?
From two (2) to ten (10) years... but usually 3, 4, or 5 years. Leases are usually writen in terms of monthly payments. So it is common to see terms of 36, 48 and 60 months.

How fast is the leasing process?
We can make our proposal, sign the lease, and get credit approval within two working days.

Can the customer buy the equipment?
Usually, the customer has the option to buy during the lease and at the end of the lease term.

Are there any other options?
Yes, renew the lease at maturity - for a reduced rate - return the equipment to the Lessor. Options during the term include: upgrading, and adding-on of equipment.

What about warranties and guarantees?
All warranties and guarantees from the manufacturer, flow to the customer (lessee).

How fast can I get started?
Right away! Call us now to discuss your equipment leasing needs! 352-708-5290


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